Saturday, August 02, 2014
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House of Numbers movie

House of Numbers

The HIV/AIDS Documentary Film

How much does anyone really know about the HIV = AIDS theory?
House of Numbers is a documentary film professionally produced
by Brent Leung - an acclaimed film which is rewriting the HIV story.

Available evidence reveals there is no HIV epidemic. HIV testing by
all accounts is clearly shown to be a fraud - and AIDS statistics
worldwide may only be a cover story for the depopulation of Africa.

See interviews with Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier - plus hear
views held by Kary Mullis, Peter Duesberg and other dissenting
doctors and scientists who disagree that HIV is a deadly virus.

Watch the video that mainstream TV won't show, which exposes
the medical industry's 30+ year dogma and government cover-up.

House of Numbers (full length movie online: 1hr 29mins)

HIV/AIDS Information Resources:

HIV AIDS Hoax Exposed

The film 'House of Numbers' has received excellent reviews from around the world and continues to offer inspiration and hope to the countless people caught in the deceptive HIV/AIDS trap. The movie presents a very objective viewpoint from all sides of the HIV and AIDS discussion. Created in the public's best interest, 'House of Numbers' is an accurate summary that helps others understand how HIV is not an infectious disease nor harmful to anyone. Mr. Brent Leung does a brilliant job of exposing many of the myths surrounding the science of HIV and demonstrates how a fake AIDS epidemic has been sold to the public.

Together with many other scientists, virologists, doctors and investigative reporters, the 'House of Numbers' documentary like other revealing films shows how pseudo-science and media collusion have overshadowed legitimate scientific research and ultimately led to the poisoning of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide with ARV drugs.

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

We are told that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, however, evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. HIV is supposedly detected by antibody tests, which have proven to be largely inaccurate and presumptuous. And AIDS is treated by unbelievably toxic pharmaceuticals that are unquestionably found to cause the AIDS syndrome itself.

The truth about AIDS is far from what the CDC and high-profile research groups are telling the public. Conflicts of interest and incentive programs between doctors, the biomedical community and pharmaceutical companies have turned scientific inquiry into a fraudulent charade. The truth about HIV and AIDS is suppressed by the dogma of an unproven theory and a global campaign to deceive the public and sell hepatotoxic drugs for an innocuous or nonexistent retrovirus. Any scientific debate that questions the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is labled denialism.

HIV, if it exists, is harmless. AIDS may be caused by any combination of: heavy drug usage, malnutrition, antibiotics abuse, amyl nitrate (poppers), multiple-partner anal sex, and antiretrovirals. Manufacturers' labels on HIV tests acknowledge that testing doesn't detect any HIV virus; instead they look for antibodies, an immune response that can be caused by any number of unrelated, normal conditions, one being pregnancy. Thus, HIV test results should not be taken seriously. Research the subject and learn why HIV=AIDS is at best a sham, at worse genocide.

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