Video Vaping Guide

Learn about the healthiest alternative for ex-smokers

Vaping for Beginners Explained

Smoking tobacco is a thing of the past, vaping is growing in popularity everyday and does not show any signs of slowing down. Rather than tobacco, vapes use a liquid formula called eJuice in order to produce smoke. This eJuice is typically made up of three components; an agent to produce smoke, flavor, and nicotine if desired. Vapes work by vaporizing this liquid providing the smoker with a unique, thick, and flavorful cloud of smoke to enjoy.

e Liquid is so popular mainly because of the flavors available. Not only do eJuices provide strong flavor, but there are an endless number of flavors being made. There are no limits to the amount of flavors eJuices can come in. This makes vaping a great experience by providing the ability to have a different vaping experience each time. You can purchase eJuice at any vape or smoke shop, whether you want to try a different flavor each time, or enjoy your favorite, flavored eJuice provides an experience other smoking products just cant match.

Over time you will find a flavor you enjoy particularly well. Personally my favorite flavor is called Gambit, made my an eJuice company named FivePawns. This is definitely more of a complex flavor compared to its “sour apple” or “blueberry” counterparts. FivePawns describes the flavor as a “mellow apple pie with a sweet and savory impression with flaky crust and decadent caramel, lightened by a dollop of French vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream.” As you can see Gambit is in fact a complex flavor,but its absolutely incredible. It truly does give you a sweet and savory taste of apple pie, with a hint of rich French Vanilla and Carmel. How does all the flavor get into one cloud of smoke? Thats the magic of eJuice.

So how do you maximize your vaping experience? Well it all starts with the vape itself. Starter kits come with a traditional vape with three parts, the battery, the tank, and the atomizer. You fill your tank with eJuice which is vaporized by the atomizer. There is nothing wrong with this method, however improvements are widely available. Even an intermediate smoker will usually have a vape with a MOD. A MOD is a modification to the vape that changes the way it functions to provide better results. For instance, you can buy a more powerful atomizer, a different mouthpiece , you can even buy MODS that control the maximum temperature of your vape. The most popular MOD is changing your tank out for a build. Instead of filling up a tank with eJuice, you can modify your vape so that you apply the Ejuice directly to a wick wrapped around a set of coils which heat the juice up and vaporizes it. The eJuice soaks the wick which allows for a slower and richer burn. You can also use cotton instead of a wick which improves the vape more. Overall eJuice is the fuel behind vaping. There are an endless amount of flavors which you can use in a variety of ways which give vape smokers a unique experience that can not be matched.